Whiplash & Auto Accidents

Whiplas is a generic term applied to injuries of the neck caused when the neck is suddenly and/or violently jolted in one direction and then another, creating a whip-like movement.  Whiplash is most commonly seen in people involved in motor vehicle accidents, but can also occur from falls, sports injuries, work injuries, and other incidents.


Whiplash injuries most often result in a sprain/strain of the neck.  The ligaments that help support, protect, and restrict excessive movement of the vertebrae are torn, which is called a sprain.  The joints in the back of the spine, called the facet joints, are covered by ligaments called facet capsules, ehich seem to be particularly susceptible to whiplash injury.


In addition, the muscles and tendons are strained - stretched beyond their normal limits.  The discs between the vertebrae, which are essentially ligaments, can be torn, potentially causing disc herniation.  The nerve roots between the vertebrae may also be stretched and become inflamed.  Even though it is rare, vertebrae can be fractured and/or dislocated in a whiplash injury.


The most common symptoms of whiplash are pain and stiffness of the neck.  Turning of the head often make the pain and discomfort worse.  Headaches, especially at the base of the skull, occur inmore than two-thirds of patients.  Other common symptoms include dizziness, difficulty swallowing, nausea, and blurred vision.  


Spinal manipulation provided by a chiropractor helps relieve the pain and helps improve the range of motion.  Muscle work, therapeudic ultrasound, ice, and exercises can also aid in the relief and healing of whiplash injuries.


If you have experienced these symptoms or recently been in an accident, come on in and see if we can help!

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